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Hohen Neuendorf:

Property ID: G 5
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Basic information
Schönfließer Straße 17
16540 Hohen Neuendorf
City center
7.000.000 €
Type of object:
Business house
Year of construction:
Price :
2.896,45 € per sq.m.
Rental factor:
Subject to commission:
Last renovation/ refurbishment:
Quality of fittings:
Plot size:
2.250 sq. m.
2.416,75 sq. m.
Living space:
142,17 sq. m.
Other areas ca.:
2.274,58 sq. m.
Reduced operating costs:
114.000 €
Non-reduced costs:
3.000 €
Rental income p.a. (target):
392.715,60 €
Rental income p.a. (actual):
372.462,20 €
Number of floors:
Pharmacy, Train station, Bus, Shopping facilities
Number of parking spaces:
18 x Outside parking space; 28 x Underground parking , per item 70 €
Fitted kitchen, Pantry
Full cellar
Suitable for disabled people:
Floor covering:
Tiles, Laminate
Well kept
Floor, Radiators
Type of heating system:
Type of energy certificate:
Energy pass is available for inspection
Energy class:
Walking distance to public transport:
1 Minute(s)
Drive to nearest rail station:
30 Minute(s)
Drive to nearest motorway:
5 Minute(s)
Drive to nearest airport:
60 Minute(s)
Further information
Further information
Property description:
The spacious corner property, located directly opposite the S-Bahn station, has an area of 2,250 square meters and is developed with a residential and commercial building along with access to the customer parking spaces in the courtyard and to the underground car park and is connected to all the necessary media.

In addition to the basement with underground car park, technical and storage rooms, tenants' cellars and bowling alley, the residential and commercial building has four further floors with shops, offices and living spaces as well as a glass elevator from the ground floor to the 2nd floor on the front side and a staircase in the front and rear over all floors.

The shop and office space on the 1st floor can be reached quickly from Schönflisser Straße via a separate outside staircase.

The property has 46 parking spaces and on a rentable area of 2,416.75 sqm, 3 apartments in the sizes 42.6 - 51.88 sqm and 18 smaller commercial units with areas from 43.28 - 145.92 sqm as well as 2 larger ones with 300.00 or 400.00 square meters and an attractive mix of businesses, which are devided as follows;

Court; 18 customer parking spaces and access to the underground car park
basement; 28 parking spaces, basement and technical rooms + bowling alley
Ground Floor: 9 retail spaces, delivery via the court
1ST Floor: 7 retail spaces and 2 additional office spaces
2ND Floor: 3 residential units, therapy rooms and swimming school
DG; 1 training room

The top floor also contains the glass structures belonging to the swimming school on the 2nd floor as well as the roof terrace connected to it by means of a spiral staircase and an emergency exit to the rear staircase.

The property is in a neat and structurally good condition. It is inspected weekly by a caretaker service and the necessary maintenance and repair measures are carried out by specialist companies on an ongoing basis, which can largely be passed on to the commercial tenants as well as the administrative costs due to the rental agreement regulations.

In addition to the entrance to the rear staircase and the access to the underground car park and the second exit of the bowling alley, there are 18 customer parking spaces and lockable storage areas for garbage cans on the fortified and illuminated inner courtyard. Delivery to the yard by truck is possible.
With its generous glass and advertising elements as well as the arcades and the glass elevator along with the entrance area, the property has an extremely elaborately designed front facade, which, thanks to its subtle lighting elements, also radiates something special in the evening and is also perceived positively by many residents, rail customers and increased the customer frequency of commercial tenants.

The glass elevator and the two spacious and bright staircases leading to all floors with their large window areas and the door systems to the respective floors as well as the arcades on both sides on the 1st floor and the outside staircase to the S-Bahn station convey a functional, but also valuable impression.

In front of the entrance areas of the retail spaces area on the ground floor and first floor, which are equipped with large glass elements, there are generous traffic areas belonging to the property/building, which are not included in the specified usable areas, but are also used by the tenants and their customers as seating and parking spaces.

The residential units and the therapy and training rooms on the 2nd floor and top floor have panel radiators and the practice rooms have a connection to the central hot water supply. All other commercial areas have underfloor heating and a tiled surface as well as small electrically operated hot water tanks.

The residential units each have a hallway with built-in cupboards, bathroom and open fitted kitchen as well as 2 rooms with laminate flooring, skylights and, like the therapy rooms, electrically controlled skylights.

The commercial units are all equipped with suspended panel ceilings and integrated lighting and, with the exception of the training room on the top floor, each have modern sanitary facilities, kitchenettes and much more.

The restaurant on the ground floor, which is connected via an internal spiral staircase to the bowling alley in the basement is, as well as the cafe on the 1st floor, connected to the grease separator in the basement and to the exhaust air system running over the roof .

The swimming school also has three saunas, a glass rooftop with electric skylights an access via a spiral staircase to the roof terrace and an emergency exit to the rear staircase. It also has an automatically ventilated technical room in the basement and a separate water supply and its own hot water tank in its premises on the 2nd floor, which is connected to the central heating system via a heat exchanger. A separate staircase to the arcade serves as another emergency exit.

The predominantly non-load-bearing walls and the equipment of the residential and commercial units are variable and can therefore be adapted to the respective user requirements of the tenants without great effort.

Since there is already a separate fiber optic transfer point in the building, the new tenants can also be connected to it and use the many advantages of a high-speed fiber optic connection with speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s for digitization and the acceleration of their business processes at low cost.
Hohen Neuendorf is a town in the district of Oberhavel in the state of Brandenburg. The city with more than 26,000 inhabitants is located on the Havel and is located directly on the Berlin districts of Frohnau and Heiligensee in the district of Reinickendorf. Since the 1990s Hohen Neuendorf has been one of the fastest growing in the near of Berlin.

The city has a new town hall on the B 96 with a landscaped forecourt and is in the immediate vicinity of the famous Kaiser Pagode, one of the most unusual and largest Asian restaurants in Germany. Nearby in Stolpe is a large golf course and horse farms.

Hohen Neuendorf has optimal national transport connections. The federal highway B 96 runs through the city area of Berlin. The highways Birkenwerder and Hennigsdorf are each 3 km away. In addition, Hohen Neuendorf has a direct connection by train to Oranienburg and Berlin-Friedrichstraße ( S1 ) as well as a connection to the regional train.

The property is located in the popular Mädchenviertel with its many elaborately restored villas and country houses from around 1910 - 1930. In the immediate vicinity is the Hohen Neuendorf trainstation and the landscaped Mühlheimner Platz with a bicycle parking facility ("Bike and Ride") and a public one Parking lot ("Park and Ride"). The property is therefore also characterized by a very good micro-location.
- Apartment 8.05 - 13.59 €/sqm, on average 11.10 €
- Commercial 9.52 - 15.68 €/sqm, on average 12.20 €
- pitches 48.74 - 70.00 €/pc, on average 68.52 €

The difference between the specified annual target and actual rent corresponds to the planned rents for the commercial units and parking spaces that will be in the follow-up rental phase in December 2022, which will tend to be higher in future due to the attractive location of the property.

In the past two years, many parts of the building services systems such as lightning protection system, water filter, exhaust air systems, outdoor lighting, heating control and much more have been replaced, renewed or repaired and all underfloor heating in the rental units overhauled and flushed out as well as all door and window elements of the property serviced and repaired.

In the next 5 months, both the stairwells and the arcades on the 1st floor as well as all facades together with the glass elevator, access to the underground car park, terrace and external staircase will be repaired and the respective surfaces will also be given a new coat of paint. Furthermore, during this period, some fire protection measures, especially in the basement, will be carried out to obtain a fire protection certificate for the current inventory and then the labeling of the escape and rescue routes and safety lighting will be revised and a new locking system will be installed. After the end of the heating period, the hot water tanks in the swimming school and in the boiler room will be replaced.

The execution of these measures by the seller is priced in, insofar as the buyer would like to carry out the measures that have not yet started by himself, the purchase price can be reduced accordingly.

The sale can take place as part of an asset or share deal.
Commission Rate:
The buyer has to pay a commission of 6% plus 19 % sales tax on the purchase price. In the case of a share deal, the commission is calculated on the market value of the property used to calculate the purchase price, which corresponds to the purchase price shown here.
The information we provide is based on information provided by the seller. No guarantee or liability can be assumed for the correctness and completeness of the information. An intermediate sale and mistakes are reserved.
General business conditions:
We refer to our terms and conditions. By further using our services, you declare your knowledge and your consent.
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